Big Brothers Big Sisters Employee

 Certified June 2018

Debbie provided tons of examples to make material engaging and  understandable


Youth Group Leader

Certified June 2018

Great Job!! (Debbie) kept it very engaging and interactive! Also shared her personal experiences which added a lot of value to the course


KYDS Employee

Certified April 2018

Debbie speaks from  the depths of personal experience and provides examples that resonate in real life. I am grateful to have (had her as an instructor)!

"(Debbie was) Extremely approachable, well planned, empathetic and knowledgeable! "

---Courtney, Elementary School Teacher

Certified June 10, 2018 

"(Debbie) Gave wonderful examples, took the time to answer ALL questions and shared her own experiences"


Certified June 10, 2018

"She (Debbie) made all of the material extremely relevant to the group of individuals (teachers) she was training"


Certified June 10, 2018

"Great Listening skills"

"She's Awesome" 

"Very clear and communicated points well" 


Certified June 12, 2018

"Debbie was very engaging and personable!"

---Employee of KYDS

Certified April 6, 2018

" Great energy . I like her approach to teaching"

---Employee of KYDS

Certified April 6, 2018

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YMHFA Course, June 2018