School shootings, workplace violence, an increase in youth suicide... these are all very real. 

We all have our own struggles, but an increased focus on social media and how we portray ourselves, whether real or not... has polarized many. It actually INCREASES the feeling of being alone. The very tool meant to bring us together causes us to now feel "unconnected".


Research supports the findings that a part of what we are lacking as a society is being AWARE. Being aware of each other and being aware of ourselves and how and why we feel the way we do.

The Awareness Impact is the direct result of years of observing the need to connect us all again through education and examples of those facing mental challenges.


It is essential to remove the stigma to allow those that are suffering a safe way to seek help and understanding. It is also essential to educate those in the community as to the signs so they can direct them to the help they need. The Awareness Impact as a company provides education, a connection and an awareness that if you are struggling you are not alone... and if you know someone that may be... there is help.

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Educate Those Working With Youth

Learn more about the Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification course.

Educate Those Working With Adults

Learn more about the Adult Mental Health First Aid Certification course.

Educate All People

Learn more about the general Mental Health First Aid Certification course.

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Mental Health First Aid



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