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DEBORAH MARINI, MA Human Behavioral Psychology

Owner/Director of The Awareness Impact LLC,

Mental Health First Aid Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Public Speaker & Mom of Three

Deborah holds a Master's Degree in Human Behavior Psychology and is a Certified Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). She has trained youth workers, students, educators, and corporate management in areas focused on conflict management, building communication skills, and recognizing the steps to creating a mentally healthy life. 

She is also trained in Reiki Level 2 and is an advocate for creating a safe environment to discuss mental health challenges and creating space for dialogue without the stigma attached. In addition to her speaking engagements and training sessions, she is a published Author, writing Children's books focused on bringing spirituality into the realm of vision for youth to ensure they never feel alone. 

Deborah utilizes The Awareness Impact platform to educate and inform youth and adults in both the educational and corporate realms on how to better handle conflict and manage emotions during times of stress and anxiety and ties in spirituality and a willingness to embrace all beliefs centered around the good in each of us. 

Deborah's Target Areas are

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety

  • Relationship building

  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

  • Communication Connection -bridging the gap

  • How to build your inner spirituality

  • How to target one's purpose

  • How to follow your passion and connect to the knowledge that you are never alone in your journey.

Deborah currently spends her time between Florida and New Jersey with her husband and dog. She is a proud mother of three, two of whom are certified in YMHFA. As a mother of two daughters currently working with youth, as well as an adult son who recently graduated from College, Deborah is able to offer many real-life examples to create realistic, engaging, and effective workshops.

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