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With awareness & understanding of our emotions, comes the POWER to reframe our thoughts. 

Let's start this journey together. 

Meet The Founder

Debbie Marini

Owner/Director of The Awareness Impact LLC,

Mental Health First Aid Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Public Speaker & Mom of Three


After earning her BA in Sociology, Debbie has worked as a Behavioral Therapist, Real Estate Broker/Salesperson, co-founder of the charity Jersey Shore Miles of Smiles, Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and NLP Practitioner. The Awareness Impact was born as a result of these multiple certifications, her career background, and various life experiences which influenced her perception of mental illness. Debbie’s hope is that through The Awareness Impact LLC she will be a resource for those suffering from a mental challenge, as well as those searching for tools and strategies to help others. 


Debbie currently spends her time between Florida and New Jersey with her husband and dog. She is a proud mother of three, two of whom are certified in YMHFA. As a mother of two daughters currently working with youth, as well as a son attending college, Debbie is able to offer many real-life examples to create realistic, engaging, and effective workshops.


Mental Health First Aid Training

MHFA is an evidence-based, in-person training program with proven ability to teach individuals how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of mental illness.


NLP Coaching

Neurolinguistic programming is guided by the principle that everyone already has the resources they need to make positive changes in their life. We will work together to tap into these resources, allowing you to reframe your thoughts and lead a healthier life.


Group Workshops

Interactive group presentations for youth, parents and youth workers to provide resources and strategies for addressing and coping with common mental health challenges. Presentation topics dependent on group.



dmarini@theawarenessimpact.com  |  Tel: 732.856.2722

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